Muslims in Interwar Europe

Book Presentation

Dr. Umar Ryad (Utrecht University), one of the editors of the book 'Transnational Islam in Interwar Europe', will present their latest work on the history and significance of Muslim actors and networks in the respective period. The event will also host Dr. David Motadel (Cambridge University) who will give a lecture entitled 'The Making of Muslim Communities 1918-1939'. (More Info.)

The Website

The aim of the website is multi-fold. First, it will present the project its ramifications and objectives. Second, it will present the team members and their activity within the assignment. Third, the website will make available to the wider public the project schedule: events, workshops and conferences , publications as well as upcoming presentations.

The Project

The project will investigate the interwar history of Muslim religious, political and cultural engagement with and within the European context in addition to the various developed images of Europe. Our intention is to fill in the existing gaps and rarely explored perspectives on Islamic movements in the early 20th century. It will serve as a historical instrument in understanding the roots of the present modern Islamist trends in Islam that trace their legacy in that period. (More Info.)

Blog & Gallery

This section of our website will expose some very interesting materials, many of which were recently discovered. We will bring forth a series of photos, videos and documents which will aid those interested in understanding and deciphering the realities of the time. (More Info.)


If you have any ideas, pieces of advice, recommendations or even materials which would help to shed further light on ' Muslims of Interwar Europe ', their networks, connections and roles contact us! We would love to hear your thoughts and share them with those interested in the subject.
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